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General Exams (dog or cat)

While it is critical that you have your dog or cat examined when they seem like they’re ill or injured, it’s also important to have them go through a periodic checkup to make sure their nutritional health is consistently sound.


There are many serious conditions and diseases that are avoidable with simple vaccinations.  The process is quick and easy, and usually takes just minutes.  Contact us today to make sure that your pet is up-to-date on all of their shots.

Spay and Neuter

Considering spaying or neutering your pet is the responsibility of every pet owner to help control the unchecked population boom of dogs and cats.  In addition, spaying or neutering your pet avoids certain health and grooming complications.

Anesthetic Dental

Dental care can not only make your pet’s breath more pleasant but can also prevent serious problems in the future by catching and treating them now. Sometimes, dental care requires a little more finesse, especially when the required treatment involves tooth repair or extraction. We can safely administer anesthesia to ensure that the pet stays still and calm while we address the issue they’re going through.